March 3, 2018

Online Video Poker Strategy

Your best Video Poker strategy begins with selecting the ideal online casino for you. In fact, this goes for any casino game you may be thinking of playing. How important this initial decision is – and what negative repercussions could arise due to poor judgment – cannot be overstated! (“What? How was I supposed to know the casino I won at takes forever to pay its winners?!”) You’ve been warned.

Therefore, be sure to do your homework before depositing any of your hard-earned cash with just any online casino. Accomplishing this seemingly difficult task is actually as effortless as checking out the latest online casino standings based on ratings by players just like you. This ‘first and foremost’ Video Poker strategy will undoubtedly ensure that you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Once you have determined which website properly meets your gaming needs and desires (i.e. cash bonuses, free Video Poker games, solid customer support, etc.), all you need do is choose the Video Poker game that’s both the most enjoyable to play, while offering the highest possible payouts, of course.

Online Video Poker Tips

If winning cold, hard cash by playing online Video Poker is your idea of a good time, then hey… let the good times roll! And, what better way of improving your chances of winning than having the power of knowledge on your side. In other words, if you want to gain that extra edge, there are some Video Poker tips all players would be wise to clue in to.

The first tip that always comes to mind with respect to most casino games is this: If, at the outset, you are not entirely comfortable playing with real money, relax; most of the leading gaming websites provide you with the option of playing free Video Poker. No money – no worries! (No cash winnings either.) Free games allow you to practice whatever game it is you wish to play… before ‘diving in’ with your wallet.

True, Video Poker is, in essence, a game of chance. But, of course, that doesn’t mean you cannot boost your overall winnings. As in the traditional game of Poker, your odds of forming certain hands cannot be altered. However, keep in mind that, not all Video Poker games are alike. The bottom line is that it depends on which variation of this insanely popular game you are playing, in addition to the strategy you’re using.

Online Video Poker History

Video Poker history was preceded, naturally, by the traditional game of Draw Poker. However, it was by integrating this all-time favourite game with the technology behind slot machines that ultimately resulted in what are recognized today as among the most exhilarating gambling games ever know to man (and women, of course).

The history of Video Poker games took a major turn in 1975 when the Reno, Nevada-based ‘Fortune Coin Company’ first transformed a video bell slot machine into a Draw Poker machine. The reaction among players was unprecedented and the game became an instant hit.

Today, online Video Poker history is being written faster than ever. This is owing to the fact that more online casinos are offering players options otherwise unavailable until now. Perhaps the finest example of this is the advent of free Video Poker games now available to players at the finer gaming sites.

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