February 28, 2018

Online Video Poker

Online Video Poker, or Draw Poker, usually allows you to bet anywhere from $0.25 to $5 per hand, depending on the machine and casino at which you’re playing. After you put in your money (generally a minimum of $20 at most sites), you can choose the denomination that you’d like to wager.

Few games are as mesmerizing as this universal favourite. And, even if you have never played Video Poker games before, it takes just mere minutes to learn.

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Getting Started – How to Play Online Video Poker

Whether you are engaging in free Video Poker, or for real money, when you are ready to play, simply click on the “Deal/Draw” button to receive your cards. The idea here is to attain a winning combination of cards, of which there are loads. For your own reference we have included some common winning combinations, below.

You can improve the strength of your hand by opting to “hold” certain cards and getting rid of others. The cards you choose to drop will be replaced by new ones after you click on the “Deal/Draw” button again.

Online Video Poker Rules

The rules governing Video Poker games could not be simpler. If you’ve ever played Draw Poker before, you’ll be into the swing of things immediately. Online Video Poker rules are basically as follows:

  • Insert your money into the machine.
  • Press the ‘Deal’ or ‘Draw’ button
  • After viewing your cards, pick which ones you wish to keep and then press the ‘Hold’ button underneath.
  • Press the Deal/Draw button again.
  • Continue this process for as long as it continues to be fun!
  • When you’ve decided you’re done, press the button – usually marked – ‘Credit’ or ‘Cash Out’.

‘Double Playoff Round’ – an Online Video Poker Plus

In Draw Poker you sometimes have the option as well, if you win your hand, to double your money in a 2nd round called a “Double Playoff Round.” (If you don’t want to play this 2nd round, you can just click on “Collect” to get your winnings.) The Double Playoff Round is also an option available to you when playing Video Poker games, and it works like this:

The Video Poker machine’s cards will turn over (face down), and then the machine will flip one card. You are betting, in the Double Playoff Round, on whether the next card the machine flips will be greater or lower than this original card.

If the next card the Poker machine flips is higher than the first card, you win your bet and double your money. If the card is lower, you lose your money. And if it’s the same card, it’s a ‘push’ and nobody wins or loses. Keep in mind that in order to double your bet in the Double Playoff Round, you must click on the “Double” button.

When playing Video Poker online, as well as in conventional land-based casinos, your winning hand combinations are as follows:

Jacks or Better: A pair only counts if it’s Jacks or higher. Anything lower is not considered to be a winning hand.

Kings or Better: Again, Kings and higher (Aces, in other words). Anything lower is not considered a winning Video Poker hand.

Two Pair: 2 sets of pairs having the same card value.

Three of a Kind: 3 cards having the same value.

Four of a Kind: 4 cards having the same value.

Five of a Kind: 4 cards of the same value, in addition to a Wild Card.

Straight: 5 consecutive cards going by card value, but not of the same suit.

Flush: 5 non-consecutive cards having the same suit.

Straight Flush: 5 consecutive cards, all having the same suit.

Royal Flush: 5 consecutive cards, all having the same suit, the 1st card being 10 and the last card being an Ace.

Wild Royal Flush: Identical to a Royal Flush, but containing a Wild Card.

Several online casinos even tie Progressive Jackpots to Royal Flush hands or other rare combinations in an effort to attract players. If this is the case at your casino, and you manage to get a Royal Flush, there’s a good chance you could even make millions!

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